S & L Electric, Inc
Residential Remodeling

S & L Electric, inc. is very experienced at installing electrical wiring for residential remodel and addition projects. We do projects that are as basic as replacing a few lighting fixtures to as complex as rearranging entire floor plans. Many of the projects we are involved with include new areas being added to the existing structure. We enjoy the challenge that most remodel projects present. They often require innovation and determination to seamlessly integrate the new electrical with the existing. 
Our approach to any project starts with fact gathering. We first determine the scope of the project by asking questions, reviewing plan drawings and looking at the site. Our emphasis at this stage is determining what the customer wants by asking questions. Often, the customer has questions and is looking for suggestions. We are always more than happy to answer any questions and to give our honest opinions and suggestions. This is where our experience really pays off.

 Once we have a clear picture of what the project is, we are then able to review the existing electrical system. At this point we are looking to see how we can integrate the proposed new electrical wiring with the existing. This is another place where experience is important. Many contractors will try to cut corners by adding too much to existing circuits or adding new items to circuits that they are not supposed to be connected to.

 When we have a complete understanding of the project and how it will integrate with what is existing, we are now prepared to work up a bid. We strive to be very detailed in our written bids so that the customer knows exactly what work S & L Electric, Inc. will perform. We then give the bid to the customer and answer any questions.

If the customer decides to have us complete the work we will schedule a start date. When we arrive at the project we will again review the project. At this point we ask questions to be sure of the exact placement of items such as switches, lights and appliances. We have found that asking a lot of questions at this stage is critical for preventing problems later in the project.

One of the areas we feel is crucial to our standards is taking the extra measures necessary to protect the customer’s furniture and other belongings from damage. We also feel it is important to leave our customers with as little cleanup as possible.

Once a project is finished we verify with our customers that all of their expectations have been satisfied.  We always leave our customers with the comfort of knowing that any questions or concerns that may arise will be addressed promptly.

S & L Electric, Inc. will gladly give you a FREE bid on any size project. Our bids are very detailed so you know what you are getting before we start.