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Electrical contractors are required to procure an electrical permit for almost anything they do. There are very few exceptions. Most permits will require an inspection by an electrical inspector.


An electrical permit serves one main function. It protects the property owner. By having an electrical inspector inspect the work, there is a greater chance of finding any accidental oversights and hazards. In the case where an electrical contractor has performed the work, an inspection gives the homeowner one more layer of protection from corner cutting and shoddy workmanship.


Many people don’t realize that their fire insurance coverage can also be compromised if work was performed without a permit. If a fire is caused by improperly installed electrical wiring, the insurance company may deny any coverage if there was never a permit for the work.


The electrical contractors name has to be on the permit. You should never get a permit for an electrical contractor. If a contractor asks you to purchase the permit it is usually an indication that the contractor does not have a valid administrator electrical license. Be careful here.


It is worth noting here that homeowners are also required to procure an electrical permit for almost any work they perform on their own house. They do not have to possess any licenses, however.


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