S & L Electric, Inc
Panel Changes

Not having the experience to explore all the options can result in excessive and un-necessary costs.  At S & L Electric, Inc. we have replaced services in almost every type of situation and we know what meets the codes and where the pitfalls are. Our experience allows us to find cost effective ways to replace your panel or service. In some cases we may be able to recommend other options besides replacement that can cost significantly less. Not all contractors are going to do this!


Due to the many codes regarding services, S & L Electric, Inc. must visit the site in order to be able to give an accurate bid. Our site visits and bids are always FREE. Our bids are detailed so the customer knows exactly what work S & L Electric, Inc. will perform.

When we replace a panel or service, we will make all arrangements for permits, inspections and with the power company. Panel changes usually require the customer to be without power for four to six hours. This is usually not a problem for freezers, refrigerators and other equipment. In cases where power will be needed while the work is being performed, arrangements will be made for a generator to be on site. When we replace a panel, the new panel will be labeled as accurately as possible.

I have a Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) or Zinsco Panel, does it need to be replaced?

There is a lot of discussion regarding this topic.  Beware of other electricians that use scare tactics to force you into paying them to change your panel.

There have been reports of some FPE and ZINSCO panels having problems, but not all.  The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission published a report regarding FPE panels but could not determine if a real hazard exists. S&L Electric can not guarantee that your existing panel is "safe", nor are we (or any other electrician) the proper authority to say that your panel is "un-safe" unless obvious signs exist to tell us that there is a problem. 

Our opinion is that if you are concerned and your budget allows for it, then yes have your panel replaced.  

Contact us, we would be more than happy to make an appointment to come to your site and give you a FREE bid.