S & L Electric, Inc
New Construction

At S & L Electric, Inc. we work on all sizes of houses and structures from a small garden shed that needs a light and an outlet to an estate that needs every conceivable electrical convenience available. Regardless of the size, we approach every project with the goal of satisfying our customer.

 There are usually two mentalities when it comes to new home and other structure wiring: one is get it done as fast and as inexpensively as possible and the other is do it right and make sure the end result meets the customer’s specific needs, tastes and budget.

 The first mentality usually applies to track homes and speculation homes. Unfortunately, this is the only mentality of some electrical contractors.  At S & L Electric, Inc., we can adopt this way of thinking when necessary as there are situations and markets where it is appropriate. However, it is the second mentality of meeting the customer’s specific needs, tastes and budget that we really enjoy.

S & L Electric, Inc. has developed a system that we have used for many years that we find works very well for wiring new homes and structures. Many contractors will jump in and start wiring before they have a clear picture of the whole project. This approach can accomplish a lot in a short time. However, the end product often has a few glitches that have to be “fixed”, which usually creates a product that may be functional but not ideal. Our approach is to visualize the project as one integrated “whole” before we start.

We accomplish this by asking a lot of questions before we ever drill a hole or install a piece of wire. We have learned that if we take the time at the beginning to learn as many details as possible about the project, we can be more effective at delivering a quality product at the end. This also gives the customer a chance to ask questions and for us to offer suggestions. It is much easier and less expensive to discuss available options before we do the installation.

 In many projects there are situations where it can be difficult to determine what type of lighting to use or where to locate switches and other items. This is where an experienced electrical contractor can make all the difference. We have seen many different situations and found what works well and what doesn’t. We are always happy to offer suggestions and our honest opinions.

S & L Electric, Inc. will gladly give you a FREE bid on any size project. Our bids are very detailed so you know what you are getting before we start.