S & L Electric, Inc
Hot Tub & Generators
Hot tubs and Generators may seem like simple items to install, but if not done correctly they can be the most dangerous things you can own.  We know the codes and regulations, and the proper installation methods that will make them work correctly, and Safely.

Hot tubs are required to be protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). This device disconnects all power from the hot tub in the event that a ground fault exists. And when you are wet it doesn't take much to get shocked! There are many other codes that pertain to safely installing hot tubs. At S & L Electric, Inc., we take hot tub safety very seriously. We know the codes and installation techniques that will make your hot tub safe.

Back-up generators have some very specific requirements to make them safe. The most important is an interlocking switch mechanism that makes it impossible to connect the breaker panel to the generator while the breaker panel is still connected to the power grid. This device prevents the generator from accidently energizing the power lines that feed the house. At S & L Electric, Inc., we know how to properly and safely install back-up generator systems.

Back-up generator systems come in a variety of sizes, styles and costs. They can be manually operated or fully automatic. We have the experience to recommend a system that fits our customer's budget and needs.

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